It's All In the Details

I Make Digital & Internet Ideas & Companies Happen . . . Collectively

As a global digital entrepreneur and business technology advisor, I’ve been known to make digital customer experiences and Internet ideas happen . . . collectively. I help execute large-scale investments in technology and web by creating digital go-to-market strategies, organizing all the right resources and then managing the projects through to success. I’ve been fortunate to have done it for companies ranging from Startups to Big Brands.

And I Believe In Challenging the Status Quo

I believe in defying conventional thinking. It’s not just about thinking different, but being different. And because I believe in challenging the status quo, I'm a serial collaborator that thinks and works amongst an emerging creative class . . . with amazing partners in design, development and branding, as well as with some pretty cool Technology Ventures, VC’s and Corporate CEOs.

My purpose - to organize and contribute collective disruptive change through technology all in hopes of transforming global user experiences.

Which Has Allowed Me to Collaborate With . . .

CEO’s/VP’s Really Seeking to Innovate their Company

Pretty Smart, Action-Oriented

Growing, Ethical

Innovators Making Traction with a
Great Concept

How Can I Help

Global Brand + Digital Strategy & Resource Implementation

Digital Marketing, Branding (Online & Offline Cohesion), Digital Customer Experiences (UX - User Experience), Social Media and Mobile. How can I help you connect with your customers online?


I've consulted for Fortune 10, Fortune 500, and Global Fortune 100 companies, as well as a Global Non-Profit organization and numerous SMB's. It doesn't matter what size the organization, I'm here to help.


I've delivered keynotes / workshops on topics related to the Web, Social Media, e-Commerce, Mobile & Entrepreneurship to cross-cultural audiences from over 60 countries. How can I help?