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Creator. Risk Taker. Serial Collaborator. + International Explorer

I believe in a World where everyone seeks the right combination of “creative capital” in order to make their businesses and startups succeed. I believe that what they need comes from the emerging creative class in digital, which includes branding, marketing, content, an awesome user experience, cool design and the right development, in order to help bring big ideas to life and redefine the laws of technology.

Matt Gottesman

About me

Hello, I'm Matt Gottesman and thanks for visiting my site.

A brief bio - I was born of native New York parents who raised me with values, an insane work ethic, a true sense of self, and to take risks, I’m part of an emerging creative entrepreneurial class that is sparked by a generation that has had to defy traditional thinking and find a more purpose-driven life..

My purpose – to organize and contribute collective disruptive change through technology all to transform global user experiences.

I’m a Global Digital Strategist & Tech Advisor with 15+ years in digital and web. I focus my background in 2 key areas: 1.) Learning backend technology, infrastructure, security and payment gateway systems from really smart people, and 2.) Keeping a more core focus on frontend web initiatives – digital marketing, branding, design, UX, lead generation, social media, and multi-channel content distribution.

Skilled in digital strategy and marketing, tech due diligence, market research and opportunity analysis, planning the customer/user experience and communicating the final product to the market, I thrive in highly complex and entrepreneurial situations. Hence, I work with a range of companies from Startups to Big Brands who are either digital, or are looking to go digital. This means they have invested in using the web to create amazing customer experiences, which in turn creates more revenue for their company and value to their customers.

I received my International MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management with a top priority of making a transition to executing larger scale, global digital projects. Since then, I have been fortunate and grateful to have completed work for Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennessy, GM/Cadillac, and most recently the World Trade Centers Association based in New York City. Outside of these big brands, I have also helped grow a digital marketing agency in Scottsdale, Arizona, sit on the boards of several tech startups and volunteer my time to causes that have impact on the future of science, technology, education and children.

Global Digital & Web Strategist

My skills (% I spend my time)

Digital Resource Acquisition
Digital Strategy
Customer Analysis + Segmentation
Digital + Brand Positioning
Customer User Experience (UX)
Social Media

Who I am at WORK

  • Global Digital Strategist & Web Analyst
  • Strategic Digital Consultant to Brands
  • Digital Project Resource Mangement

Who I am in the WORLD

  • International Entrepreneur
  • Tech Investor & Advisor
  • Customer User Experience Evangelist

Who I am in LIFE

  • Family First & Infinite Learner
  • International Traveler & Explorer
  • Connector, Collaborator & Community Driver

Working Hours

Coffee Consumed

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Countries Visited

My Unique Value Propositions

Global Digital Marketing & Strategy Expert

International MBA with the ability to apply core business processes and critical thinking to Internet initiatives. 15+ Years of Digital Experience in: Internet Marketing, Social Media, Content (Creation, Management & Distribution), Lead Generation & Analytics.

Digital Brand Management & Enhancement

Skilled at maintaining and/or enhancing the integrity and reputation of a brand, and its interaction with its customers, through all of its online touchpoints (the digital customer experience). I'm a believer of the intersection in all things branding, design & UX.

Resource Planning & Management

Leveraged key relationships in information architecture, user experience (UI/UX), branding and design, and experienced in determining all of the resources needed to execute large scale digital initiatives while managing them to successful completion.

Customer & User Experience Analyst

Proven track record creating data driven, online, interactive experiences that connect customers and earn revenue for small, medium & large sized companies. What can I say, I like big data and applying it to customers' needs & wants.

Content Specialist, Management & Implementation

Created, curated, managed and distributed content (textual / visual) for the luxury, automotive, real estate, international business & trade, technology, wine & spirits and fashion industries, ranging in an array of topics .

Serial Collaborator & Technology Transformation

Proficient at managing a company’s business objectives and its key stakeholder’s expectations while collaborating with the "RIGHT" resources to implement new digital solutions. One + One Equals Three.

How I Work

Collaboratively with Executives. Collectively with Creatives.

Learn & Discover

The best way to understand how someone can help another is to ask a lot of questions and listen.

Strategize & Plan

You never build a house without an architect, right? A good strategy makes the tactics possible and results even better.

Build & Complete

Rome was not built in a day, nor were the ancient pyramids. They were built by a collaborative effort.

"I firmly believe that any man's finest hour,
the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear,
is that moment when he has worked his heart out
in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle,

Vince Lombardi

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