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Here Are Some More of the
Frequently Asked Questions I Encounter


What is Digital Strategy?

I am asked this all the time. Here's what Wkipedia has to say about it:

In the fields of strategic management, marketing strategy and business strategy, digital strategy is the process of specifying an organization's vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization.

These can range from an enterprise focus, which considers the broader opportunities and risks that digital potentially creates (e.g., changes in the publishing industry) and often includes customer intelligence, collaboration, new product/market exploration, sales and service optimization, enterprise technology architectures and processes, innovation and governance; to more marketing and customer-focused efforts such as web sites, mobile, eCommerce, social, site and search engine optimization, and advertising.

Why is Digital so important to a business?

Incorporating digital components into your business is vital in today's connected world. Think about it. You want your exact target customers to interact with you no matter where they are in the world or where they are traveling to. Not only that, but it's a company's responsibility to provide ease of use to its customers so it can make them happy, which in turn makes companies more profitable.

In review:

Happier Customers/Clients = More Profits/Revenue = Happier Company Stakeholders and a Higher Valuation of the Company.

PS - I'm not just a strategist. I also happen to be a little creative.

What does Frontend & Backend mean?

In technology and the web, the front end is the interface between you, the consumer, and the backend, which powers the functionality of the website, mobile application or your smartphone screen.

The experience you see physically, is the frontend, or consumer facing side of technology. All of that is powered by the backend architecture, which makes all the cool buttons and links work for you.

Why couldn't I just have a simple Job Title?

I ask myself that every single day. I say the words "Global Digital Strategist" and the glossy look from the other person never seems to cease. The simple fact is, I chose a path in life that makes me responsible for learning and understanding how technology impacts our lives, and how we must embrace it for business.

I'm not a lawyer and I'm not a doctor. Both of those titles are easy for most people to understand because they've been around for hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of years. Yet, there are varying degrees of both of those professions. Being that I have a weird title makes it my responsibility to bring awareness to the growing number of us that are taking on these roles. Please refer to Q.1 for What is Digital Strategy.