It's All In the Details

The Global Digital Landscape

A Few Digital Statistics

7.1 Billion

Total World Population

2.48 Billion

Internet Users

6.57 Billion

Mobile Subscribers

1.86 Billion

Active Social Network Users


Top Most Important Features
to Customers

  • The online experience
  • Mobile interaction
  • Content and information

Top Reasons a Company Loses
a Customer Online

  • Website functionality
  • Site speed
  • Bad mobile experience

Top Mobile Facts You Should
Be Aware Of

  • 80+% of the world's sites are NOT mobile ready.
  • 50% of Consumers say this is bad business.
  • 55% say poor mobile means less engagement.

And the Same Digital Rules Apply From
Startups All the Way Up to Big Brands

It's All About the User Experience

Where I Can Help

For Brands, Small-to-Medium Sized Companies & Startups

Global Brand + Digital Strategy & Resource Implementation

Global Brand + Digital Strategy is a partnership program where I will find out what you want to achieve with your business and customers online and in a digital world, collaborate on your brand's digital presence and transform your customers' web and mobile user experiences.

We do this through implementing the right resources in premium branding and identity, business strategy, design, content, website development, mobile applications, social media platforms, and more, making it measurable and profitable.

If you're in a rush and you'd like to connect, schedule a Free Consult with me and I'll see how I can help.

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