It's All In the Details

For The Creators . . .

Don’t pay any attention to the bullsh-t. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers, the negativity, the uselessness, the un-impactful, the soulless, the fearful or the toxic. Don’t pay attention to the shiny things, the distractions, or the disguised. All of it is a waste of your precious time and your beautiful lives. I have seen it all, and I can tell you, it’s not real.

Demand to stay true to your morals and values, which will be greatly tested over time. Never compromise. Never waiver. Especially in business. Understand that it is all just a great test of your faith in the bigger, brighter picture that was specifically designed for you to grow and determine the kind of person you will become. Don’t pay any attention to the stress. It is made up. It is not real. Mankind creates it, and so too, can he eradicate it. What’s important, is knowing what’s important.

Do . . . embrace being different. Embrace your creative, curious and geeky side, yet stay focused, ambitious and hopeful. Have a healthy relationship with yourself and always do the right thing. Know your value and if you have to explain it to the people around you, then its time to move on. Challenge the status quo and never be afraid to admit you don’t know something. Every now and then take stock of yourself. Look around the room and ask yourself if you are the smartest person there. If you are, then you are in trouble. Always place yourself around smarter, more elevated people, and you too, will become smarter and more elevated.

A Special Thanks to
Marc Ecko (Artists And Instigators) & Pharrell Williams (I Am Other)
for inspiring me to create my own Manifesto.