It's All In the Details

Worked for Virgin Records in the A&R Dept.

Presented executives with a a well-researched and documented thesis on why digital music will be not only be the wave of the future, but be more profitable to both the labels and the artists. Execs tell me I'm crazy, the Napster Generation will come to an end and they reject my ideas. One year later, iTunes launches and the music industry has never been the same.

Graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in International Business & Liberal Arts

Got a degree that would give me my initial start in understanding how to do business and communicate cross culturally. With the explosion of Chat Rooms, File Sharing and Email in the previous years, more people, especially early tech adopters, were connecting faster than ever. While businesses need tech, they don't always communicate their needs the right way to the creators.

First Startup Experience

Worked on a global digital music startup to connect the world’s independent music artists. Received my unofficial degree in frontend design/backend infrastructure, digital marketing and copy writing from some pretty smart programmers and designers. Made some good progress, managed many obstacles, and discovered that some of us wanted different things. Within 3 years the startup would end.

Leveraging the Internet for Business

Was told I should consider real estate while the startup builds. I thought that was crazy, but you can’t make it in this world if you don’t take risks. I researched real estate agent’s approach online and how they communicated to their audiences, disliked the user experience, and used my new found knowledge in technology to create a digital presence. Learned lead generation for myself, let this initiative run for period of 8 years and garnered roughly $45MM in sales.

The End My First Startup

Managed a team of programmers, then managed a new team of programmers, raised capital, gave back the capital and learned the many differences in communication and expectations of founders, investors and resources. In total, a great first attempt to build something I believed in at an early age and during a time it wasn't technically considered "cool" to do a startup.

Wait, Now I'm a Tech Consultant?

Between my experience from building Real Estate websites, and learning directly from the resources that created our digital music startup, I was approached by multiple business professionals asking me to assist them digitally. I consulted and created targeted websites, pay-per-click advertising campaigns w/appropriate copy, analytics, and implemented emerging social media. The goals were all the same - Create more results and revenue for their businesses.

Hello NYC & Boston - Digital Marketing Has No Boundaries

Met soon-to-be lifelong friend, John Zhang (MTV, Nickelodeon, Thuzio, Live Nation Labs), and clicked as unofficial students and geeks of digital. Within months, I am referred to a Harvard-Based Startup to implement SEO & Digital Marketing strategy and initiatives and am blessed with learning the importance of collecting user generated content from curators around the world.

Learning Critical Mass

A smart friend of mine retires from the finance world, picks my brain about digital marketing and the Internet, goes away for 6 months and re-emerges as a dominate affiliate marketer driving thousands of traffic through global marketing campaigns. He asks me to join forces, I learned new angles for only targeting traffic with the highest conversion rate, and we do so to the tune of hundreds of thousands to 1MM visitors/month.

Playing Bigger

Started managing digital projects from start to finish, often implementing strategy first, tactics second. Decided that I want to expand my thinking on business and grow a network at an International level, so I go back to get my MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Realize I'm one of the only business students interested in digital and pursue opportunities to combine it with business strategy.

From NYC to Paris - Going Global

After realizing many companies are still trying to understand the importance of a digital, always-on generation, I finally make a strong connection with Belvedere Vodka. I meet the global marketing director and the executive vice president, hit it off with both of them, and go to work for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy as the only digital strategist the highest rated champagne, KRUG.

Innovating an American Classic & Thinking Scale

Collaborate with 6 of my fellow MBA colleagues for a global branding and digital strategy project for a Fortune 10 Automotive Company and also co-create a due diligence algorithm that assesses Internet-based companies' user experiences and the necessary pivots for scale. By year's end, I will be contracted to an iconic global brand, the World Trade Centers Association (the WTCA).

Hello World - Digital On a Global Scale

Collaborated with the CEO of the World Trade Centers Associated and was tasked to oversee the entire digital platform and technology transformation for the World Trade Centers Association in order to connect over 300 WTC's, 11,000+ staff and potentially 1MM+ business members. Also consulted in the growth and expansion of a digital agency based in Scottsdale and became an advisor to intrakr, a mobile application company for small businesses to track their inventory seamlessly and from 1 click of a button.

Innovating forward