It's All In the Details

People + Ideas + Technology

What I Do

The Business Version

Leveraging my global resources and technology acumen, I advise large scale digital and Internet investments to execution and successful completion. I create a digital blueprint, and then strategically align and manage the right talent and budgets to execute for start-ups, companies and big brands.

A good analogy: An Executive Producer. I come in, understand everything you're trying to accomplish using the web and technology, and then I carefully orchestrate the process with collective talent to make your end customer happy in a digital world.

What You Want To Know

In Other Words

I make sh-t happen . . .

Problems I Typically Solve

I Work With People Looking To:

Improve Their Company's Global
Digital Web Presence

Enhance the User Experience for Their Company & Customers

Increase Their ROI By Using the Right Technology

"Great brands aren't built on snappy copy or slick graphic design. They're established through the relentless repetition of promising something and then delivering on what they promised, often beyond expectations."

Marc Ecko

What Should You Consider

Putting the Important Things First

Your End User / Customer

There are websites, and then there are websites. What’s the difference? Option A is created by the world who commoditized all the pieces that go in to technology without strategically thinking all the way through to the end results.

Option B is a technologically driven platform that interconnects all of the components that make businesses and startups successful and scalable. In the end, they create brands that inspire amazing customer experiences and added value to their lives. I work with individuals who choose the latter helping them bring together any & all of the following:
            +     Strategy, Branding, Design & Content
            +     User Interface (UI), User Experience & Mobile Responsive(UX)
            +     Development & IT Infrastructure
            +     Digital Marketing (Go-To-Market)

Understanding that Digital Means Change

Adapting to New Ways to Connect to Your Customer

While implementing change for your company's digital presence can seem overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. Many companies and brands approach digital resources and receive services in the form of tactics; beautiful, amazing, interactive tactics with no goals or metrics in mind.

I use a highly strategic approach so we implement only what's truly needed for your customers/audience. My resources value the same, so we create digital user experiences that are very well thought through and highly measurable.

What We Can Accomplish Together

Digital Customer Experiences That Include:

Digital Brand Strategy & Positioning

  • Ensures the brand is consistent at all points
  • Makes your brand clear to the target audience
  • Makes your product even clearer
  • Creates connectivity with the customer
  • Drives up your digital viral coefficient (Google It)

User Interface/User Experience Design

  • Designs to think like a user
  • Improves usability / ease of use
  • Bridges the gap b/w product & customer
  • Enhances customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Simplifies product & customer lifecycle

Scalable IT Infrastructure

  • Flexible in handling large amounts of data
  • Secures customer data, payments & profiles
  • Responsive on multiple devices
  • Ability to add technology & applications
  • User and content management friendly

How I Can Help

Generally In the Form Of:

Global Brand + Digital Strategy & Resource Implementation

Digital Marketing, Branding (Online & Offline Cohesion), Digital Customer Experiences (UX - User Experience), Social Media and Mobile. How can I help you connect with your customers online?


I've consulted for Fortune 10, Fortune 500, and Global Fortune 100 companies, as well as a Global Non-Profit organization and numerous SMB's. It doesn't matter what size the organization, I'm here to help.


I've delivered keynotes and workshops on topics related to the Web, Social Media, e-Commerce, Mobile & Entrepreneurship to cross-cultural audiences from over 60 countries. Let me know if I'm a fit for your next event.

"Difficult takes a day. Impossible takes a week."