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I'm Matt Gottesman (Say Hello on Instagram)

I spent the last 20+ years on the Internet... 


4 of them dedicated to my first Internet Startup.

15 of them immersed in digital marketing.

12 of them consulting as a brand & digital strategist for multi-billion dollar brands such as Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy.

8 of them as a content creator building a media platform & community of over 200K people.

6 of them dedicated to crypto and blockchain.

4 of them scaling my boutique growth marketing and automation company.

25+ years writing... life, love, creativity, business, spirituality.

Exciting, but I also had to learn quite a few lessons along the way, one of which is the most important... TIME... or even more importantly, how I use it.

My father, who is also one of my mentors, best friends and biggest supporters, suddenly passed in 2019 and it made me rethink my approach to life and business... as did some very valuable pieces of advice from Angel Philosopher, Naval Ravikant...

  1. The overscheduled life is not worth living.

  2. Product and media leverage are permissionless.

  3. Earn with your mind, not with your time.

  4. Ethical wealth creation makes abundance for the world.

In short... The niche is you™

So, I transitioned some things in my life to better serve clients, creatives and the newer emerging digital economy... at scale and in a variety of ways.

My goal is simple... arm the masses with as much knowledge and tools to create, publish, build, scale and sell on the Internet.

I now split my time between two lives... one life is geared towards working, partnering and consulting with meaningful and intentional people, the other is productizing my years of work and experience so others can use it to create more time and abundance in their world.

Below are a few brands and people I've partnered with, served, assisted in their digital growth as well as a few I created...

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