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Thanks for wanting to learn a bit more about me. I’ve been very fortunate to have gained wide-ranging education and experience throughout my lifetime. My interest in international business, diverse culture and the Internet had all started to intertwine at a very young age and led me to 2 college degrees and over 20 years of real world education.

Because I’m an entrepreneur at heart (3rd generation to be exact), I found myself taking risks early on in the music industry at a time when digital was about to overtake it. This time opened my eyes to a whole new realm of business and where we were heading digitally and technologically; that we were about to be able to reach millions of people across the globe with the click of a button.

By experience I am a business strategist, digital consultant, writer, content creator, podcaster and international brand architect. “Architect” as in I help companies manifest their end goals and outcomes through a variety of digital and technology practices that make them fit for scale and sell in a digitally evolved world – web dev, UI/UX, digital marketing, branding & positioning, automation, sales gen and more.

I started early, but became more widely known when I partnered with more prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy for KRUG Champagne and Ruinart. And for as long as I could remember, I’ve had an affinity for building brands that capture the hearts and minds of millions, whether it was to better their lives in some way, create an unforgettable experience or bring them new products and services.

When I first started noticing the power of digital distribution and then the rise of social media, I knew that brands could reach more consumers than ever before; not just consumption of goods and services, but of content, media, creativity, art, music and more. That means that businesses have the power to influence and impact audiences greater than any other time in history. In 2014, I decided to build my own distribution platforms to reach tens of millions of people.

My background in international business, tech, digital marketing, writing and communication, have helped me build, launch and create a series of online platforms that speak to the world on a daily basis through a variety of online media outlets to the tune of 10.5M per month. I also bring creators from around the world to the forefront by documenting and publishing visionaries and their brands. Something I feel blessed everyday to be doing. To the left is a video I made for my platforms Hustle & Deal Flow™ & The Hustle Sold Separately Podcast™

Nothing great was built alone. In my continuous efforts to serve more globally, I’ve curated a private Facebook community of creators and entrepreneurs called Alchemy Tribe, in order to grow, share, network and support each others’ journeys, host an annual event called Mani-Fest (video to your right) to align one’s personal self with their driven, business self, and have created several online workshops to help you gain traction with your idea or brand.

Put simply, I believe we all have genius talent and it’s up to us as individuals to express that to the rest of the world. I was able to use a lot of my own time, energy and money to create impactful and profitable brands, and I want others to have the same; for them to bring their brands, businesses and ideas to the rest of the world for greater impact.

HDFMagazine.com is an online publication that documents the journeys of rising talent and inspiring creators and entrepreneurs from around the world to the tune of 150K followers and subscribers.
Alchemy Tribe is a 100% FREE private FB community of likeminded, creative entrepreneurs on similar paths that are connecting, networking and growing in both mindset and in business.
HSS is a Forbes feat. podcast that goes into the depths and hearts of every creator and entrepreneur. We've had Grammy, Emmy & Oscar winners to Startups, CEOs, Fashion, Tech & Music. Over 1.5 million downloads and counting.
Cannabis Magazine is the #1 online destination for people, products, ideas, innovation and events that are driving the industry forward. We also have a podcast.


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