Gain Clarity, Positioning, Growth, Systems, Income & Scale For YOUR Brand Now...
And reduce overwhelm you're having with this 8-Module MasterClass for Modern-Day Entrepreneurs & Creators, helping you in a multitude of areas with your brand to create higher visibility, faster growth and more income with an additional focus on mindset too!

I want you to build a brand you are proud of, increase your position and authority with it, improve your workflow, creativity and results - and have fun doing it - all while learning from me and fellow industry leaders in a cutting edge online school.

Look over Matt's shoulders in the lab or on his tutorials as he shows you how to build, manage, optimize and market your brand to success.

Get 20 years of expertise in technology, branding, digital marketing and copywriting packed into 8 weeks, 25 sessions and over 40 hours of content.

Attend weekly trainings, live feedback calls and presentations from industry experts across business, branding, design, marketing, FB ads, CRM,  monetization, scaling and legal.

Stay connected to Matt and your fellow team members with the private Facebook group, and weekly accountability calls..

Matt is a brand and business genius! He sees the whole vision. Not just what I'm building today, but where I'm headed and how I can position myself for that vision. He's mindful, detailed and calculated with this stuff, and gave me more than just direction. He gave me the blueprint to manage my brand empire, which yielded me more opportunities and projects.
Christina Cindrich (2x Emmy Award Winning Producer)
I'm Matt Gottesman...
and I've been fascinated with entrepreneurship, building brands, digital media and technology for over 20 years. I've worked with well-funded tech startups, venture capitalists and global conglomerates such as Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, and they all share the same thing in common.... they want to connect with their market on the deepest levels possible and build a legacy with their brand.

Today we have more power than ever before to grow a brand online and reach millions. However, there are so many outlets, so many platforms and an overabundance of information teaching you 50 ways to do the same thing. It can be overwhelming to say the least.

Over the past 5 years, I took my 20 years of experience in marketing, branding and technology and built my own brands online to the tune of 10.5M views per month via my publication, podcast, social media, email and community. Instead of using every shortcut people promote online, I took the time to do it in a manner that allowed me to truly understand my audience, as well as build systems, revenue streams and "realationships."

​​​​​​​I'm here to HELP YOU do the same...
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A show of hands:
If you feel completely overwhelmed with all the activities that go on with running and building a brand ONLINE?

What about wanting more clarity and better positioning, visibility, clients/customers and income for your brand? How about saving more time, having more processes and increasing efficiency?

Yep, you would not be alone! I, and everyone on the planet has dealt with any combination of the above and it can be daunting at times trying to do everything.

As business owners, we rely on positioning ourselves in front of the exact right target audience, while giving them amazing value by solving any one of their millions of needs and desires in exchange for their time, energy and money. That, is in essence, the fundamentals of business. It's also a lot of to take on.

And when I ask people what’s stopping them from getting the results they want from their brand, here’s what they usually list as their biggest challenges:
A LACK OF CLARITY OR FOCUS - They don't have enough clarity on which direction to take with their brand. They are unsure of what to deliver to their audience. They want to do so many things and find it hard to narrow their focus.
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A LACK OF TIME - They simply don't have enough time to do everything, nor figure out what to do next. Either they are juggling a ton of external factors or they are busy working "in" their business. The struggle is real and they simply don't know where to focus their time and attention in the business.
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A LACK OF SYSTEMS - Because there are so many details, they often feel like they have to do them all and aren't sure how to implement systems or efficiency that would save them time so they can earn more money.
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A LACK OF KNOWING THEIR TARGET MARKET - They don't know their target markets and audience as well as they'd like to or they don't know who they should even be targeting in the first place. If they do know, they sometimes don't know how to reach them as well as they'd like to.
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A LACK OF MARKETING, ADS & DRIVING TRAFFIC - Ahh, the elusive concept of what real marketing is and how to gain money back for spending it in the first place. That, and how to apply marketing into various areas of their brand where it's most effective. 
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A LACK OF KEEPING THEIR HEAD IN THE GAME  - Let's keep it real, if you're experiencing any of the above, then you're having issues with mindset, overwhelm and fear at any point. That's natural, but it's also fixable.
So, needless to say, when I give a consultation or start with a new client, I see that the the real problem for them is almost always the same: clarity, direction, consistency and optimization.

They need to be clear on what they're doing, how they're doing it and how they're running their brand like a well-oiled, systematic machine.

Which is great, because I know that I can offer a solution: through my daily, weekly and monthly routines and processes, which I’ve crafted over thousands of hours with my brands and hundreds of others. I strengthen their brand's position and direction, while improving their growth and income.

Let's keep this really really simple. You want to know where you're going with it all, be able to execute, see some growth to give you ongoing direction and earn revenue for these efforts.

So, yes, I have a structure for approaching clients and their brands.
Here is the structure...
that I add to their brand's overall strategy to help improve their results:
The Foundation
Learn the processes and implementation I use to make a brand very magnetic and trustworthy with it's intended audience, which leads to a higher level of conversion, customer acquisition, brand loyalty, subscribers and more.
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The power is in the data. Learn how I teach you the 4-keys to create powerful marketing channels that drive growth, awareness and revenue. The more you know and understand about the people you are marketing to, and have a "realationship" with, the more income you will earn.
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Learn tools and tactics to manage your brand's income, trademarks, copyrighted materials, and more. You want to have your brand built on a foundation that is covered for the long game.
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Learn the tools and systems I use to capture more leads, do more automated follow up, streamline your content, drive more traffic and manage your time.
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Learn how to create community around your brand so you can drive more value to your audience while keeping them informed, engaged and ready to purchase.
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Learn how to create and distribute content that garners you more visibility, awareness, authority and influence for your brand. We live in a time where every brand must act like it's own media company.... one that drives media and one that gets featured by media.
And in Brand Alchemy I teach you this structure, so you can gain clarity, influence, growth and income from your time and energy no matter what else is going on in the digital landscape.

All YOU need to do is commit to learning and implementing the material.
Currently Open

Helping you in a multitude of areas with your brand to create higher visibility, faster growth and better income. I want you to build a brand you are proud of, increase your position and authority with it, improve your workflow, creativity and results - and have fun doing it - all while learning from me and fellow industry leaders in a cutting edge online school.
Premium Branding & Positioning & Defining Your Stake in the Market
  • The art of branding and building an image
  • Clearly differentiating your brand and positioning in the market
  • Keys to brand naming, tag lines and trademarks
  • Eliminating confusion and establishing your core mission, purpose and vision
  • Proper core infrastructure
Creating, Messaging & Owning Your Target Markets With Your Brand
  • Create messaging that dominates across all platforms, media, branding & ads
  • Designing the look, feel and identity of the brand
  • Defining your target markets
  • Reserving all your brand assets & digital real estate
  • Key integrations & tools to speed up your processes of delivering your brand to market.
Niching, Micro-Niching, Content Strategy & Marketing Your Brand
  • Secrets to developing a niche within a niche
  • Developing your core content strategy so you can move quicker
  • Planning your content creation and deployment
  • Leveraging "Relationship Marketing" to drive growth + social media
  • BONUS - Secrets of Instagram that drive sales, leads, customers and subscribers
Asserting Your Authority w/Facebook & Instagram Ads & Building Community
  • Understanding Facebook and Social Media Advertising
  • Setting up for success (Setup, Pixels, Strategy)
  • Anatomy of a campaign (Campaign, Ad Sets & Ads)
  • Building a Funnel for your ads
  • The Magic Equation ((bid x est. action rates ) + user feedback)
  • The Golden Rule of FB
  • BONUS: Building a community that drives scale for your products & services
Running Your Brand Like a Business
  • Key agreements you need to have in place for your brand
  • Protecting your brand's IP (intellectual property)
  • Copyrighting, trademarking and more...
  • Bookkeeping simplified so you can manage your cash flow and expenses
  • BONUS: Diversifying your revenue streams and monetizing your brand
Building & Optimizing a Foundation of Systems to Scale Your Brand
  • Creating organizational changes personally
  • Implementing a CRM to manage a subscriber list
  • Establishing some marketing automation into your processes
  • Getting strategic with Email & Email Marketing
  • BONUS: Client (or Lead) Qualifier Matrix - Epic Closing Rates for Consultants, Specialists & Coaches 
Getting Strategic & Building Up With Leads, Email, Data & Automation
    • Creating a landing page for lead capture
    • Using automated intake forms to manage leads, clients and more
    • Running easy, efficient surveys to get data for your marketing
    • Breaking down data to easily understand needs and trends with your audience
    • Designing a strategy for your marketing funnel 
    WEEK 8
    BONUS: Running Your Brand Like a Media Company & Podcasting
    • Elements of a media kit and how to design one fast and stylish
    • Tools to create and run a podcast
    • Music & Album Cover Creation
    • Creating audio and video promos for your content and episodes
    • Epic outreach examples to get more media or obtain high profile guests
    • BONUS: 3 Options to Produce - DIY, Using an Independent, Using a Professional Studio
    $5000+ Worth of Epic Bonuses
    • Expert Guests across industry and within specialities to help your brand
    • Access to all the resources, discounts and people involved with this course
    • Lifetime access to all the materials for the existence of the program including upgrades
    • Access to the Private Facebook Group
    • Live Sessions, Office Hours, Event Discounts and much much more...
    Since the moment I came across Matt's work, I knew this guy was something different. His ability to see all the angles with a brand and it's business makes him unique in his delivery. Not only can he position a brand for amazing growth, I've personally parntered with him on a few ventures to which we've seen 3x to 5x growth.
    Adam Toren (Serial Entrepreneur, Award Winning Author, Co-Founder,
    Brand Alchemy is a hands-on, 8-week mentorship program...

    Where you get to watch some of my techniques in play-by-play videos or over my shoulder as I create and manage my brands. I’m by your side every step of the way to help you implement and perfect what you learn.

    But Brand Alchemy is more than just information... It's a promise: I am 100% committed to your success, and I'll do everything I can to ensure you get as much out of this training as possible.
    Recorded Lessons

    Each week you will have access to detailed 3-4 hours of recorded video lessons in the member site, teaching strategies, techniques and methods in a multitude of areas with your brand from the branding and marketing to the business, systems and growth hacking. Watch on your own time and prepare for each week’s live group session.

    Live Group Sessions

    Each week we will meet as a group on LIVE sessions on Mondays at 5pm PST (8pm EST) for approximately 1.5 hours to go over topics found in your weekly lessons, and then again on Thursdays 5pm PST (8pm EST) to do Q&A and Accountability Calls.

    Weekly Accountability

    Besides weekly Accountability Group Calls, we will also do weekly follow up every Friday to gauge how you're doing with the work and your flow, as well as check in on where you're getting stuck. It's all about keeping you focused on the things that matter and keeping your head in the game. After all, good things take time.

    Special Guest Calls

    We will also have continuous guests come into our group to teach on a multitude of topics that are needed in growing ANY business. Because they are personal relationships, they will also be available to you beyond the course work and this program. Sometimes the most important information you need in building something, is the resource that is able to deliver it. These resources are priceless.

    It's not what you know, but who you know and who can teach you what they know. I'm very fortunate to have had very smart, intentional people across all industries be in my circle of influence. They also happen to be the people who help me run my businesses, as well as run their own and assist thousands of others.
    Matt Gottesman

    Matt is a media entrepreneur who has built a global following in the millions across podcasting, social media, email and more. He's also a 20 year technology veteran, 10 year brand veteran and has worked with some of thee biggest conglomerates on the planet such as Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

    Adam Toren

    Adam is serial entrepreneur who has sold over 7 companies, currently runs another 3 and has helped scale companies from 6 & 7-figures to 8 and 9 figures. He's the co-founder of, which was acquired by and also invests in a multitude of other companies and brands.

    Andrei Tsygankov

    Andrei Tsygankov is a serial entrepreneur, business attorney and founding partner of Founders Legal. He works with growth companies, in the U.S. & internationally, specializing in intellectual property licensing, mergers & acquisitions, general business contracts, & trademark law. Andrei has a passion for supporting the entrepreneurship community

    Cameron Cornell

    Cameron is a growth specialist, strategist and adviser on All-In-One CRM, Funnel Automation, Landing Pages, Email Marketing Campaigns and more. He continuously works with entrepreneurs to help them position their brands to handle their growth in a much more systematic way that's manageable and fun. 

    Anuroop Kumar & Lionell Ball

    Anuroop and Lionell are social media advertising geniuses that have personally handled over $60M in ad spend for Facebook and Instagram. They not only customize each client's approach to advertising, but educate them and help them grow in the most cost efficient manner.

    Tynan Stobbart

    Tynan is a specialist for a top bookkeeping software company in the world specifically designed to help entrepreneurs keep a more accurate and detailed account of their cash flow and income in a systematic way so you can track your brand's progress without having to do it alone.

    Need help with your brand, have a strategy or implementation question, or just want to talk shop? The Brand Alchemy Private Facebook Group keeps you in touch with me and the rest of the class, so you can get answers when you need them.
    Facebook LIVES, Live White boarding & Q&A sessions to analyze your brands, answer general questions or simply learn extra materials.
    When you have a community of engaging likeminded entrepreneurs all interacting and networking, you have the ability to grow faster both with your knowledge base and with your products and services. 
    Special Guest Appearances across industries from FB Ads and Social Media experts to Legal, Accounting, CRM, Lead Generation & Marketing.
    Who doesn't want to be a part of a growth minded community here to help :)
    Matt helped me build my brand in a way that delivers maximum value and the best service. He's helped me position my brand to the point where I'm able to impact people I serve internationally and has mentored me to implement key systems that have helped me scale my brand efficiently, saving me thousands of dollars and increasing my profitability by 25%. I love what I do and bringing more systems and focus around my brand has helped me start maximizing revenue and saving more time.
    Nathan Kohlerman (Entrepreneur, Health, Wellness & Fitness Professional, Movement Expert)

    This training is for anyone who wants to learn how to build their brand in a more efficient and streamlined manner, or sharpen the skills they already have, but the overall goal is that you leave here with more results.


    You either are wanting to launch a brand or already have one and you constantly strive to deliver value to your audience, while simultaneously want to grow yourself and build a system around your business including it's revenue streams.


    You've got tons of knowledge, experience and expertise from being involved in your industry for some period of time and now you're looking to build your business and brand further out. These people have a lot to offer their market and often need to monetize their expertise a bit more.


    You are either running a boutique or smaller agency and looking to scale your business without losing your time and making yourself even more busy. These individuals usually want higher paying clients, longer term contracts and more scalable systems so they're not growing for growth sake, but being smart with their business and time.


    You either have a personal brand, created a brand around your lifestyle or are an influencer in a given industry or niche and are looking to grow in a more clearly defined manner whether that be positioning yourself in a given market or manage your brand like a business


    You are a creator, which can range anywhere from a photographer and videographer to a graphic designer, web / app developer, animator or general content creator and you're looking to diversify your income, have a system to manage your business and grow your authority.

    Health & Fitness Entrepreneur & Coach

    Investing in Matt's programs has helped me gather all my flowing ideas and align them strategically to take my brand to the next level. The program was helpful because it brought lots of focus on clarifying, planning and implementing all the missing components of my brand. Best part was Matt Gottesman's LIVE feedback and analysis on my brand during our weekly live sessions. After that, my brand really started to take off. I've gone from sub 1,000 followers on Instagram 14,900 followers and I've launched my programs working with 10+ clients.

    Former Pro Athlete, Entrepreneur,
    ​​​​​​​Life Coach to Athletes

    Working with Matt has been a life-changing experience. His vision on my brand and my business was something that was missing from other "experts" I worked with. He has not only provided me with the direction that accelerated my business, but he has also been a mentor that I trust in all aspects of my business and my life. I'm managing my lists better and able to scale it 10x faster and more efficiently.

    ​​​​​​​He really is one of the most special and inspiring people I have ever chosen to work with and I highly recommend anyone else doing the same.

    Entrepreneur, Wellness Consultant, Psychologist & Podcaster

    I can't say enough about Matt. He has become invaluable to me as far as building my personal brand and being a good friend in the process. We connected on Instagram because I follow all of his accounts. From there I attended his business and mindset workshop event and it was anything but stellar. Not to mention, he's always available to answer my questions and see to my success and growth. The value he's provided to me has been so much that I'm down for anything he brings new to the market to help others. I'm not a marketer, a brander or expert in a lot of areas of technology and he continuously helps me in all of it, including actionable steps. Thank you Matt! Truly!

    Entrepreneur, Investor, Hypnotherapist & Personal Development Coach

    I've been working with Matt for about 2 years now and what I have found is that I wanted to create on a global scale, have an international audience, do retreats, do trainings online and market myself as a brand, and Matt has helped me with ALL of those things. I've worked one-on-one with him and a part of his other groups and events. To date I have an international online community of almost 20,000 people, I've just finished my first online training, launched my podcast and now hosting retreats in Bali. I couldn't be more grateful for him. He's a mentor and friend! I can't thank him enough to reach even more people. Oh, and I'm not stuck in an office, but working with people all over the world.

    Students have lifetime access AND lifetime updates to the entire Program & Resources.

    Yes, we said lifetime updates!


    This training is for anyone who wants to learn the art of paid traffic, or sharpen the skills they already have.

    BONUS #1: Running Your Brand Like a Media Company
    ​​​​​​​(Including Podcasting) - $1497 Value
    Being able to create and distribute content like a media company does, puts you in an advantage to be seen, heard, well-connected and extremely networked. Doing this doesn't have to be hard when you know what you're doing.
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    Podcasting (Creating, Distributing, Guest Outreach, Technical Equipment, Tools & Services & more)
    Music (Services, Embeds into Content & more)
    Photography & Videography (Sourcing, Implementing into Content, Uses for Media)
    Audio & Video Promos (How to use audio and video for your content and promos)
    Media Kits (Creating a media kit to promote your brand)
    Divider Text
    These extras are PRICELESS when it comes to positioning yourself, your brands, your content and your authority. Being able to create content that connects with your intended audience, while developing key relationships and networks is EVERYTHING. I just want to make it a little easier for you.
    BONUS #2: Facebook & Instagram Ads Mini Course
    (From FB Experts ​​​​​Who Work at Facebook) - $1497 Value
    There are tons of GURUS online advertising their FB Ads courses. Some of them may be good too. However, we went straight to the source for this and got two experts that work at Facebook to educate and help you take action.
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    Understanding Facebook & Social Media Advertising
    Setting up for Success (Setup, pixels and general strategies)
    Anatomy of a Campaign (Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads)
    The Magic Equation ((bid x est. action rates ) + user feedback)
    The Golden Rule of Facebook 
    Building a Funnel, Optimizing & Repeat
    Divider Text
    Advertising may take time, but it doesn't have to be difficult to understand. The more information you have about online advertising, the better decisions you can make about growing your brand and with the right resources. This information is only the beginning. We're here to help beyond the course.
    BONUS #3: Diversify Your Revenue ​​​​​Streams - $997 Value
    There are a multitude of ways to earn revenue for your products and services. Sometimes it takes knowing what those options are in order to determine which ones fit your market.
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    Learn Various Revenue Models You Can Apply
    Interview with a Serial Entrepreneur (7x serial entrepreneur and Award Winning Author)
    Behind the Scenes Look (A prominent entrepreneur shows you how their monetization in real time)
    Divider Text
    Sometimes it's not enough to simply hear what ways people are earning revenue for their products and services. Sometimes you have to see them actually applied in real time - from strategy to application and everything in between - Watch as Matt and a Serial Entrepreneur go through various revenue models.
    BONUS #4: Special Industry Guests - PRICELESS
    When you sign up to Brand Alchemy, you get access to an incredible group of individuals who can help you with ALL areas of your brand and business and at tens of thousands of dollars in information!
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    Legal (Contracts, Trademarks, Patents, Copyrighting, Agreements, Subcontractors and more...)
    Bookkeeping (Managing cash flow, books, expenses and more...)
    Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram and more...)
    Serial Entrepreneurs (Teaching revenue streams, industry specific growth strategies and more...)
    Lead Acquisition & CRM Strategists 
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    Finding the right resources is PRICELESS. Having the wrong ones is EXPENSIVE. Consulting with a lawyer alone can cost you thousands. In Brand Alchemy, you have industry specific people educating you on direction and more importantly, opening themselves up to you to reach out. People I use and trust on a daily basis.

    All recorded course content
    All live group sessions
    All templates, PDFs and materials
    All access to Matt's resources
    All discounts on tools and resources
    Lifetime access to all materials
    Lifetime updates to all materials
    All bonuses
    All recorded course content
    All live group sessions
    All templates, PDFs and materials
    All access to Matt's resources
    All discounts on tools and resources
    Lifetime access to all materials
    Lifetime updates to all materials
    All bonuses
    Three additional private 1-on-1 sessions
    Additional Strategy, Execution & Accountability

    Below are a few commonly asked questions. Of course, you can always email me if you have any additional ones.

    I think there are always going to be lots of great options out there when it comes to education and each will come with it's own unique experience to fit your learning style. I've taken quite a few myself and have even done an International MBA with a focus on branding. That said, I believe in building first as an entrepreneur the past 18+ years, and teaching second.

    In my opinion, this has allowed me to learn substantially more simply because I built several brands and acquired vast knowledge, insights and techniques from experience, something learning institutions sometimes cannot provide. There's learning, there's doing and then there's both. Plus, for all the content I provide, there is no better price in the market.

    While I'm pricing this program at an extremely affordable rate, even when it goes up, it will still be, at minimum, half of what others are charging out there. I'm trying to fill a void in the market by integrating all the components that going into scaling a brand, but even more importantly, giving you access to the resources (people) I use as well.

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    Will I have access to Matt to ask him questions?
    You sure will! He'll be conducting weekly LIVEs inside the private Facebook Group, but will also be doing accountability calls and question and answer segments.
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    Will I be able to connect and work with the special guests beyond this program?
    100%. Whereby a lot of programs have all kinds of tools they recommend, I wanted to be sure to recommend you to actual people in a multitude of areas such as legal, bookkeeping, CRM, marketing automation, social media advertising and more.
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    How long do I have access to the materials within this program?
    How does "for life" sound. You can download all the materials, use them as often as you'd like, go at your own pace so you don't feel any pressure to get everything done right away and even return to them on occasion when you need them. Oh, and you also get access to any updates and other items I add to the program on an ongoing basis.
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    Does it matter what stage I'm in for building my brand?
    Nope. Whether you are just starting out, you're currently in the market or you're needing some new tactics to drive more business, this program works for you.
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    What happens if I miss a class?
    The LIVES are recorded each week and will be available almost instantaneously so no worries if you need to catch up the following day or throughout the week.
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    How often will you be offering this program?
    As of current, the plan is to offer this program 3 times per year. With that being said, this could change at any time, but this is the initial goal. Additionally,Brand Alchemy has a special launch price that will go up. The goal was to give the first students a special discounted price for being the first.
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    When do the LIVE classes and office hours begin?
    We will all come together on Mondays for LIVE classes which will start at 5pm PST (8pm EST) and we will also have LIVE Accountability Calls & Q&A Sessions every Thursday at 5pm PST (8pm EST)
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    Here is a breakdown of the minimum time commitment necessary for the Masterclass (keep in mind, you will have lifetime access to the material, so you can always return to the recorded lessons or the live sessions down the road...)

    Recorded lessons: 1-2 hrs a week
    Live sessions: 2-3 hrs a week
    Office hours: 2 hrs a week (these are very much optional)
    Practice + homework: 2-5 hours (huge range here, really up to you how much you want to be doing)

    So overall, I would recommend at least being able to commit about 2 hours of live classroom time + another 3-5 hours for homework and execution of materials. Again, this is a fairly wide range, but a total of 5-7 hours is the most accurate response I could possibly give.

    Just a note, this class isn't meant to overwhelm anyone - there is a ton of valuable information - but it's a very cool and supportive class that is really quite malleable to your needs. We’ll keep you accountable (and hopefully motivated and inspired), but there are no penalties for not keeping up or falling slightly behind. Again, that is why we give life-time access to the material! 


    My journey hasn't been easy so I'm grateful to have come across your program. I'm ready to do this!

    I'M READY!!
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