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sometimes answers & direction can take an hour not years.

| Somebody somewhere is depending on you to do what you've been called to do.

I come from a very entrepreneurial family who taught me the value of pursuing your own path. My father (passed in 2019) was a very integrity driven man with an incredible work ethic for life and family… that everything good in life needed your intention and commitment.


My mother is, and has always been, a very rooted, heart-centered woman with a holistic approach to your mind, body and soul. Because of this balance between the two, I grew up pursuing my paths with intention and purpose, but also taking time to put God and health first.

Some of life's variety of lessons have brought me further into a relationship with myself and God...


studying spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics, nutrition, strength training, tactical training, personal development, productivity and human optimization, as well as


studying frameworks and models for business, modern marketing, and systems & processes for digital growth


I love business, spirituality and exploring personal development and human optimization because I believe all of these help us become better people creating more intentional impact in the world.

My expertise speaks through the reach of my work online across social, email, podcasts and media... and I'm here to help. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Mental Clarity & Personal Growth

  • Productivity, Focus, Creativity & Flow State

  • Creativity & Project Development

  • Systems for Content Creation

  • Writing, Audience Development & Digital Growth

  • How to Start & Grow a Successful Podcast

  • Modern Marketing & Sales + Automation

  • Frameworks to Optimize Business, Work and Life

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