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I've been writing everyday for the past 10+ years talking about the intersection of business, spirituality & creativity, as well as redefining and reverse engineering work, rest, play & money.


This letter is dedicated to you... because you don't need permission to  be and build whatever you want... especially in the digital age we live in where leverage (audience) is vast, content (media) is how we express ourselves and systems (code) is how we scale our voice.


Check your email for a welcome note, what to expect, and a few gifts.


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My weekly letter is published via Substack so I will personally add you over there.

My goal is simple... arm the masses with as much knowledge and tools to create, publish, build, serve and scale on the Internet, as well as create more time and abundance for your world & loved ones.

Here are my 7 most popular articles if you're looking for something interesting to read... (they're clickable)

  1. Your Purpose is Not Uncertain, You Are

  2. In Most Cases the Answer Isn't More, It's Less

  3. Money Isn't the Most Valuable Currency, Time Is

  4. It's Never Perfect, Publish It

  5. Does Future You & Present You Align

  6. If It's Not Worth Going All In, It's Not Worth Your Time

  7. Your Creativity is Worth Millions

Thanks again for joining my weekly newsletter and I'll see you Mondays


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