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to help you navigate life, business, creativity & money... what we ultimately call, Play

| Direction is more important than speed.

I've been building & creating online for nearly 20 years (yeah, I started really early) and I'm always asked how to do nearly everything w/the Internet... how to create, build, publish, sell, scale, write online.

I'm forever learning, but I wanted a place to share how I do it so you can use these concepts as well. The Niche Is You 🙏🏼

Reverse Engineer Workshop .png

Reverse Engineer Your Life

The fastest way to get what you want is through clarity.

Clarity brings direction.

Directions brings speed.

Clarity + direction build purpose & momentum.

And sometimes, the fastest way to get clarity is by reverse engineering starting with the end result in mind.

This FREE workshop helps you gain clarity on a vision, your time, your energy and your money using templates to establish a well-thought out direction, while reducing the overwhelm of what to do next... cause this will solve that too.

1-3-5 Method to Money.png

1-Page Plan to Hit Money Goals

Having a goal is the start, but it's the process you need.

Knowing what to prioritize for the process is vital.

Having specific strategies for each priority gives you the tactics.

Tactics support priorities so the goal is inevitable.

Commit to a process, not a goal (James Clear). Let's reverse engineer your money "goals" so we can focus on your daily processes.

This FREE download (plus video tutorial) helps you plan money "goals" (and life goals) using a 1-page plan to establish the goals, as well as the priorities and the strategies (processes) to achieve them. Hint: it's not the goal we're after, but the processes that get us there.

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Words to Remind You Who You Are

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