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We must always be willing to push the boundaries of our minds so we can connect with our hearts.

—  Name, Title


I'm Matt Gottesman (Say Hello on Instagram)

I spent the last 20+ years on the Internet... 


4 of them dedicated to my first Internet Startup.

15 of them immersed in digital marketing

12 of them consulting as a brand & digital strategist for multi-billion dollar brands such as Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy

8 of them as a content creator building a media platform & community of over 200K people.

2 years scaling my boutique growth marketing and automation company.

Exciting, but I also had to learn quite a few lessons along the way, one of which is the most important... TIME... or even more importantly, how I use it.

What helped me rethink my entire approach in business came from some valuable pieces of advice from Angel Philosopher, Naval Ravikant:

  1. The overscheduled life is not worth living.

  2. Earn with your mind, not with your time.

  3. In an older society with few resources and mechanical work, the scheduled life is the most productive. In a modern society with permissionless leverage and creative work, the unscheduled life is the most productive.

  4. Make abundance for the world. Ethical wealth creation makes abundance for the world

So, in efforts to in search of freedom, I started my own advertising agency. No fun, and even less freedom.

After two years of iteration, I figured out how to transition to highly-specialized (and fun) consulting, and a product business that scales infinitely.

The insight behind this transition?

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