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Building an iconic and profitable brand that resonates with your intended audience takes time, energy and resources. Here are some resources to start.


Helping as many people as possible align themselves, their businesses and their audiences to build highly impactful and profitable brands globally.


Learn from some of the world’s creators and entrepreneurs from their own real time journeys, as well as take actionable advice and tips with you.

Matt builds powerful, impactful brands and partners with others to do the same. He’s a purpose driven entrepreneur and a leading international business strategist and brand architect focusing on luxury, lifestyle, health and wellness, cannabis, tech, fashion, arts and entertainment.

He’s worked and partnered with some of the worlds most prestigious brands under the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy conglomerate such as KRUG Champagne and Ruinart Champagne, as well as others to the likes of Cadillac and the World Trade Centers Association.

With two international business degrees (including and MBA from Thunderbird – #1 school for International Business), 20+ years experience in Internet technology, 10+ years in branding, he’s built a reputation for positioning brands for high visibility and scale, as well as maximum efficiency.

He’s also the owner of an online media company that houses a digital publication, Hustle & Deal Flow™, a Forbes featured podcast, The Hustle Sold Separately and his social media reaches millions, starting with his insanely engaging Instagram account @hdfmagazine. He’s currently also the co-founder of Cannabis Magazine, the #1 online destination for industry news and the newly launched Cannabis Magazine podcast. When Matt isn’t building brands or partnering with others, he mentors creative entrepreneurs all over the world via the web and has also created several online programs that help you scale your company’s overall growth intentionally and systematically.

The truth? We’re all just figuring it out along the way, and that goes for everyone on their journey . . . from celebrities and athletes to CEO’s and startups. The road less traveled, can be a difficult one. You are not alone. This podcast is dedicated to you, the doers, the creators, and the hustlers to help you keep going.

I feature some of the world’s most talented creators and entrepreneurs who are willing to share stories of their journey and not talk about end success. Over 1.5 million downloads and counting.

We were recently featured on the Forbes featured podcast, the Hustle Sold Separately, and it was amazing!! We spoke about creating a movement, sharing our struggles, advice and the power of using our voice.

Loved being on your show – an honor! You really deliver something differently and I see a lot more to come!

“Genius, period. I loved being on the show, I love what HSS stands for and the hype is not only real, you guys are epic.”

“Super grateful to be a guest on this amazing platform. Thank u Matt and the team. LONG LIVE THE HUSTLE.”

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